Natalia Lagos is a tango singer, pianist and composer. She is Music teacher graduated from the Music Conservatory of Olavarría (Bs. As.)


In 2015 she released her first solo album “Pisar en mi sombra” and in 2018 the EP "Tangos de hoy en piano y voz", presented during December 2018 and February 2019 in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

She is the current singer of the Fernández Fierro since 2019, a reference orchestra of the new generations, not only for it's original musical and aesthetic proposal, but also because of it's cooperative work project that involves the independent edition of it's records, score book, management of its own radio (Radio CAFF), as well as the administration and programming from their own concert club, the Club Atlético Fernández Fierro (CAFF) .In 2019 they won a Gardel Award, in the category «Best Orchestral Tango Album» for their latest album "Now and Always".

With them she has played weekly in the Wednesday cycle at the Club Atlético Fernández Fierro during 2019 and has made several tours through Argentina, awaiting confirmed tours in Europe, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay on the agenda.

Member of the interprovincial project of contemporary tango women pianists LAS PIANAS with Elbi Olalla, Noelia Sinkunas and María Laura Antonelli.

 Takes part in traditional tango duo Álvarez - Lagos, together with Jonatan Alvarez (guitarist of Las Manos de Fillipi, Che Chino and Alto Bondi, among other projects), with whom she is editing her first studio album.

Participes also in Lagos - Varela duo, together with the guitarist, producer and arranger Rafael Varela (guitarist of Adriana Varela, Cacho Castaña, Coco Silly Blues Band, among others).

She was co-founder of one of the most relevant group of the current tango new scene, ALTO BONDI (www.altobonditango.com), in which she participe from March 2011 to November 2018.